The moment you interact with Imersivo, you know you’ve never seen anything like it. In an instant, Imersivo redefines the shopping experience, extending it far beyond the physical store and enhancing customer interaction with your products. And that’s just the beginning! 

Does shopping still feel the same as it did 50 years ago? Not anymore.

Virtual personal stylist

Recommendations. Reimagined.

Imersivo uses Computer Vision technology to instantly analyze a customer’s height, body-type, skin tone, hair & eye color and even the clothes they are wearing to determine their age, gender and fashion preferences. Based on this data, Imersivo displays the most relevant products for that particular customer in the privacy of the fitting room environment.

Multi-channel Inventory

Real-time product availability

Imersivo brings maximum flexibility in picking up products from a store or getting them delivered, in one unifying experience. All available inventory – both online and offline – is displayed in real-time. See what’s available in-store and nearby stores side-by-side with what’s only available online. Eliminate in-store smartphone shopping by offering pick-up and delivery options right on the display.

Imersivo Point

A better, personal experience

Imagine if you could answer your customers’ questions without interrupting their shopping experience. The Imersivo Point connects your customers with the product information they need without flagging down an employee. Through an intuitive gesture display, your customers have instant access to all of your product content and availability.

With the Imersivo Point, customers can:
– Browse through new collections
– See recommendations based on their physical appearance
– Discover matching items in the fitting room
– Select items from the online catalogue for home delivery or in-store pickup
– Save items to their mobile phone for a later purchase

Imersivo Cube

Extend your presence beyond the physical store

Imersivo extends your interaction with your customers far beyond the walls of your store and the reach of your social media. By creating new live touch-points outside the physical store, Imersivo offers new points of sale and brand interaction, naturally within the context of their daily routine.

The revolutionary Imersivo Cube includes all the benefits of the Point, plus :
– Product storage & instant delivery in all Cube locations (e.g. airports)
– Credit card and mobile payment-ready
– More purchasing options unrestricted by store hours and locations

Catalogue Import

No-hassle product transfer & updates

Don’t worry about transferring thousands of product descriptions, images and videos. Imersivo automatically pulls your existing product content and optimizes it across all Imersivo touchpoints and interactive displays. With Imersivo, you’re always up-to-date and your customers receive the latest online product information at every point of sale.

Data analytics

Learn & Adapt. Faster.

E-commerce introduced the world to data analytics. Imersivo takes data analytics offline opening up a whole new world of information. By capturing data across multiple touchpoints, both online and offline, Imersivo unifies your data and signals a breakthrough in customer understanding.

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