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The asian's retail experience

The European Commission has selected Imersivo as an innovative distribution channel for small and middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Europe. The objective of this action is to produce 20 imCUBE units and place them in handpicked locations in Asia. This will enable firms to place their products outside or inside stores, malls and airports at affordable prices, thus removing obstacles for market enlargement of European retail and design SMEs.


The bridge between your client and your product

The imCUBE is a digital and interactive 24/7 pop-up store that provides:

  • Interactive, attractive and ludic shopping experience.
  • Accessibility, unrestricted by commercial hours and locations.
  • Easy purchase by credit card and mobile.
  • Product storage & instant delivery in privileged locations like malls, airports, etc.
    Business Intelligence applications to collect and visualize relevant data about your client such as gender, age, shopping preferences, etc.

im future

Roadmap to global retailing network

IMERSIVOASIA is a part of an ambitious comercial plan of international expansion.

Within the next 2 years, Imersivo will deploy 65 selling points in Europe, United States and in the Middle-East. This way we offer new selling and promotion points in our “virtual shops”, open 24/7.

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Progress news

imersivo kick off European Commission
28 Jan 2017

Official Kick Off in Brussels

Imersivo officially kick off ImersivoAsia project in Brussels with the European Commission. Together with the other participants in COSME program they could present their projects and get to know all the other teams.

28 Feb 2017

Project exhibition at the European Commission’s Industry Day

Representatives from different public bodies, such as the European Commission or CDTI, were fascinated by the Imersivo showcase.

antena3 imersivo reportage
09 Feb 2017

Imersivo at Antena 3 TV

Imersivo was presented by Antena 3 TV on their report they did about the trends of the future shop during Madrid’s Retail Forum 2017.

imersivo in retail forum 2017
09 Feb 2017

Imersivo at Madrid’s Retail Forum

Imersivo presented its solution range of an autonomous digital shop in Madrid’s Retail Forum 2017.
The objective was to offer Spanish retailers the possibility to sell their products in Asia through ImersivoAsia project.

06 Apr 2017

Japan’s commercial mission

As part of Imersivo’s expansion plan to Japan, ImersivoAsia has joined a Spanish commercial mission leaded by His Majesty the King of Spain between the 3rd and 7th of April.
During its first presence in Tokyo, Imersivo has established contacts with various Japanese companies interested in distributing their solution across their country.

Beatriz Lara - Imersivo on the radio
08 May 2017

Imersivo on the radio

Beatriz Lara is interviewed at Gestiona Radio and explains how Imersivo wants to revolutionize the retail sector and how the ImersivoAsia project can help SMEs in Asia.

Imersivo in TNW Amsterdam 2017
17 May 2017

TNW Conference in Amsterdam

tnwImersivo was proudly selected by ACCIÓ from the Generalitat of Catalonia to attend and present its solution during the TNW conference in Amsterdam. During the conference, Imersivo was able to establish initial contacts with potential clients from Europe interested in expanding their activity in Asia.
Check the video of our presented demo, finding the palette of colors of Beatriz –>

06 Jul 2017

080 Fashion Investor Day in Barcelona

Imersivo was finalist at The 080 Fashion Investor Day, a call seeking for startups with solutions for the fashion sector and new brands.

Progress report

Main work performed:

  1. Market prospection in Japan and South Korea.
  2. Dissemination activities in different forums and events, both at national and international level to attract European SMEs and Press releases.
  3. Started the development of the imCONTROLLER architecture (multi-Brand).
  4. Elaboration of the main plans of the project: Commercial, Communication and dissemination and Management Plans.
  5. End users analysis to adapt the user experience of the points of sale to the Asian market.
  6. Analysis and elaboration of requirements for the redesign of the imCUBE.

Main achievements:

  1. Commercial Mission to Japan of Spanish companies headed by His Majesty the King Felipe VI which gave us the opportunity to meet with Japanese companies that are likely to become our local partners.
  2. UX analysis has identified the current flaws in the current design of the imCUBE and it has provided input for the redesign focused on the Asian market.
  3. We have started to develop the imCONTROLLER, an app that can control remotely all the functionalities of the imCUBEs installed in Asia. All the modules developed until now have been built with unit and integration tests. In total, more than 900 tests were made and passed successfully. This will ensure the correct functioning of the app as it grows.
  4. Imersivo website has been launched.
  5. Intensive dissemination of the project in several fairs and conferences. Specially relevant it is the participation in the fair Retail Forum Madrid with a stand in “The store of the future” section, the TNW conference at Amsterdam with the delegation ACCIÓ from the Generalitat of Catalonia and presentation at the 080 Fashion Investor Day in Barcelona.
  6. Finalize the redesign of the imCube

UPDATE – 14 December 2017

Imersivo’s first Periodic report is now available here.


How does the imCUBE work?

  • The imCUBE detects the presence of people and then starts displaying some atracting animation that will invite the user to interact with the screen.
    Once the user starts the interaction the attraction system disappears and the digital content of the Brand with the products available within the imCUBE will appear.
    The user will navigate with gestures (like using a tablet).
    Interested clients will add their products to the cart and after clearing the payment they will get their products from the dispenser.
    They will receive their invoice by email.

Is the imCUBE configurable?

  • The imCUBE is modular and can have a different set-up for the gallery part. The screen display the products in a specific template chosed by each client and is adapted to their needs.

What is needed for a company to use the imCUBE?

  • It is pretty simple to use the imCUBE. You only need to send us the list of products you whish to sale and Imersivo, with its own tools to extract the content of any SME e-commerce, will take care of the rest.

When will the imCUBEs be installed in Asia?

  • The first 5 models will be operative in 2017. The other 15 will be operative at the end of 2018.

Where will the imCUBEs be located in Asia?

  • Our commercial team is currently working with local agents in South Korea and Japan.
    Please contact us to have more information on opportunities in other Asian markets.

How do we control an imCUBE?

  • Each client have access to the Imersivo’s Cloud Controller, where he can visualize in real time statistics and the inventory status of his products. Please contact us to have more details of all the remote solutions we can offer.

Can we rent the imCUBE?

  • Yes, it is possible to buy or rent the imCube, depending if you need to promote a product for a specific campaign or for a permanent installation. Please contact us to have more informations on the pricing and payment modalities.

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