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UX & Service Design, UI & Visual Design, Software Development, Mechanical Engineering, Retail Operations, Spatial Design & Engineering, Industrial Design

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Germán León Co-Founder

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Beatriz Lara Bartolomé CEO

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Jaime Moreno Co-founder

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Pascal Landry CTO

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Borja Tamames Advisor - Business Development

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Mario Regife Senior Sales Manager

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Irene Zamorano Operations and Marketing Manager

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Deividas Skiparis Computer Vision Intern

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Ernest Conill Lead Software Engineer

  • Germán León


    German leads the vision, strategy and product development. Previously, he led the European division for Silicon Valley-based Oblong and was Principal UX Manager at Vodafone. He founded Exipple where he designed and developed successful F500 Innovation projects.

  • Beatriz Lara Bartolomé


    Beatriz is considered an expert in innovation and digital transformation, a pioneer in collaborative work at large corporations and a visionary amongst her peers. Furthermore, she is an independent director and investor in several start-ups. Her background includes a master’s degree in Physical Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid (1986) and has complemented her studies in management and leadership programs at MIT Sloan, IESE and Harvard Business School.

    She served as Global Director of Corporate Transformation at BBVA until July 2015. She joined the bank in 2006 at the Technology and Operations area, and she was the Chief Innovation Officer until September 2012.

    She has developed the majority of her professional career in a highly innovative and technological sector such as telecommunications. In it, she served various roles in management positions at ITT-Nokia, AT&T Network System, Ericsson and Alcatel. From her beginnings as a researcher, she has acquired skills in the areas of standardization, information technologies, industrial manufacturing, network deployment, large accounts business development, marketing, strategy, and the creation of new businesses and alliances.

  • Jaime Moreno


    Jaime is CEO/Founder of the internationally awarded design company Mormedi, NestWork and several other successful companies. Most recently, he has been awarded with the National Design Award 2015. Jaime has 20+ years in retail industrial design, mechanical engineering, design strategy, product Innovation and customer experience.

  • Pascal Landry


    Pascal heads spatial technology design and development. Pascal has 10+ yrs of experience in the area of full-body interaction. Involved in interactive promotional projects in public spaces (TMB, Eaton Center) and researcher in video games fostering physical activity at UPF. He is finishing a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies (UPF), while already holding an MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (UPF) and a B.A. in Communication Studies in Interactive Media (UQAM).

  • Borja Tamames

    Advisor - Business Development

    Borja is the General Manager of Mormedi, Advisor of NestWork and founder of Matrix in 1995, Impactable 2007 and Infinity View 2012, driving value to MNCs and start-up environments.

    Borja has 25+ years in sales, marketing, innovation and customer experience. Master from IMD Lausanne Switzerland, along with an Economics and Law degree from the University  Complutense of Madrid.

  • Mario Regife

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Irene Zamorano

    Operations and Marketing Manager

    Irene leads the Operations and Marketing area, as so she is in charge of the intern process and the external dissemination. Irene is a Civil Engineer with 6 years of experience in innovation, project management and I&D funding including international experience in Chile.

  • Deividas Skiparis

    Computer Vision Intern

    Deividas has joined Imersivo as Computer Vision (CV) Intern in 2016, while studying his master degree for Artificial Intelligence in UPC, Barcelona. He specialises in development and deployment of CV algorithms through traditional as well as neural computing. Deividas has academic and professional background in aerospace engineering and Lean manufacturing.

  • Ernest Conill

    Lead Software Engineer

    Ernest has joined Imersivo as a Senior Fullstack developer and will be leading the development of Imersivo’s software solutions. He is self-taught developer with 10+ years of experience in web development, specialised both in PHP-MYSQL as well as NODEJS-NOSQL environments. He has experienced working as a developer in England, India, France and Denmark.

we have new opportunities

We are looking for talented people. Exceptional, cross-disciplinary designers and engineers, who have recently graduated or are looking for an exciting professional placement for their final year project.

You will get all the support and knowledge you need to grow. You will work in our Barcelona office and get to meet amazing people everyday. We expect you to bring passion and energy, as you are about to get your hands dirty. If you are up for the challenge, get in touch with a description of your project and studies.

Current openings: Software developer