im changing the rules of shopping

The entire shop anywhere you want

Imersivo has blurred the lines between the physical store and the online shop, offering you the best of both worlds. Interact naturally with real-time displays, use your smartphone as the remote, check the inventory of other stores or have the item shipped right to your front door, all without ever waiting in line.

im creative and playful

All the inspiration you need

What if you could play dress up but without trying on any clothes? Or design the car of your dreams by just waving your hands? Imersivo helps you visualize your options on a large interactive display, eliminating any doubts of how the final version will look. You can share your “new design” with friends or take it with you on your smartphone or tablet.

im here to make you look great

Finally, your own personal stylist

Imagine somebody who, without asking any questions, would hand pick clothes matching your shape and colors in an instant? You don’t have to book an appointment or spend any money because your new personal stylist is virtual! As futuristic as this may seem, Imersivo’s computer vision technology will customize the entire store just for you.

im your shopping assistant

Take the pain out of holiday shopping

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines, digging for your missing size, traveling to other stores and avoiding nosy salespeople. Now you can place your order directly from the in-store display and have it delivered straight to your door. Imersivo brings all of the convenience of online shopping with none of the uncertainty.

im full of wonderful surprises

The Imersivo Cube is no ordinary vending machine

No more waiting until tomorrow or driving in circles trying to find that last-minute gift. The Imersivo Cube places a selection of premium products right at your fingertips. Just a swipe of your smartphone or credit card and you’ll receive a beautiful package instantly.

im always there when you need me

Save your favorites & share with your friends

Did you find the perfect dress, but it wasn’t available in your size? Not to worry, Imersivo notifies you as soon as it arrives. Did you see something you like, but weren’t ready to commit? Save your favorites from any Imersivo Point, share them to your friends or order later from the mobile app.

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